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Mattison Management/Consulting heps  businesses  owners and executives add value  and address critical issues that are approprate to thier size, market and long term vision. 

Strategic Planning &

We specialize in strategic planning and business valuation services for companies of all sizes. From startups to established enterprises, our dedicated team empowers your growth journey with informed decision-making and accurate asset insights. Step into a future of success by partnering with us today. 

Philanthropic Program Design & Board Development

With two decades of experience, we specialize in crafting impactful philanthropic programs. Our services span fundraising strategies, board development, strategy development, operational support, and funding program management assisting nonprofits, corporate, and private philanthropy in achieving their missions and goals. 

Human Resources

We protect businesses from risk so they can achieve their business and personal goals. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive, customized HR solutions in one of the most difficult areas business owners face - hiring, retaining, and managing employees.

Access to Capital

Are you looking for funding to grow your business? Our access to capital consulting services can help you secure the financing you need. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries to identify the right funding sources and develop a strategy to secure the capital you need to achieve your goals. 

Executive Leadership Development

Support executives in becoming more effective and inspiring leaders, who can drive positive change and achieve organizational goals. 

Custom CRM Solutions

Break free from the limitations of traditional software development. We create custom business applications and enhance them with standards-based extensibility. Manage data, digitize workflows and automate processes in the cloud.

We equip clients with tools and expertise from project start to finish, tailoring solutions to their unique needs,
fostering innovation, and delivering high-quality, scalable results.
Find out how you score on the 8 factors that drive your company's value and an action plan for how to improve your score on each by completing the Value Builder Score questionnaire.
Royn Mattison, MPA
Meet Robyn Mattison, MPA

CEO & Trusted Advisor

Robyn Mattison has gained expertise in helping owners just like you. A business owner, investor, and global executive, she has developed a niche formula for helping executives and teams increase the value of their businesses and realize their goals.

Robyn Mattison is recognized for her talent coaching and growing organizations, with successes in hospitality, medical, arts, corporate, family foundation, and nonprofit fields. She believes the road to growth begins with thoroughly evaluating organizational resources and systems. She is passionate about your success.

Robyn has held executive roles requiring building foundational infrastructure, raising capital, and growing successful teams for over 20 years. With a history of serial entrepreneurship, Robyn has owned, advised, and turned around businesses around the world with her values-based approach.  As a certified practitioner of the Value-Builder system, Robyn is an expert on building value and developing a plan for success. She uses a systematic approach to measuring and improving a business's value. More than that, Robyn Mattison is a skilled facilitator who can help you enable your business to thrive without you, enabling you to regain control back of your life or exit your business.

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